Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling 2012 Intro

Prematch intro video for U of Iowa, Hawkeyes wrestling. Song: Uprising, by MUSE. Motion graphics done for Row27.

LSU Softball Intro

Louisiana State University Softball Intro 2012 done for row27. Song used, “Ladies & Gentlemen” by Saliva. Motion graphics done for Row27.

Holiday 2016 Staff GIF Exchange

Our motion team decided to kick off the first ever holiday “gif” exchange. This was a fun 3d looping animation that I created. It’s a happy little snow dude giving cheers and wishing in a new year.

Iowa Hawkeye WrestlingTV

University of Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling team TV spot. Giving respects to previous rockstar wrestlers of the past, while highlighting the newest All Americans in the newest era. Ringing in 2012, Hawkeye style. Motion graphics for row27, now known as Fanmaker. Client: U of Iowa, Hawkeyes.

Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling TV 2012-13

Iowa Hawkeyes Wrestling TV spot, 2012-13. Motion graphics and editing done for Row27.

Baylor University – Rewards Program

The Row27 Rewards program (1.0) kicked off with a video for Baylor U showcasing the ease of use, and how powerfully engaging the app can be. Motion graphics and editing done for Row27.

Boston College Football TV Spot – 2012

BC Eagles TV Spot football season 2012. Proud to be from BOSTON! GO EAGLES! Motion graphics and editing done for Row27.

Cal Bears Thank You

U Cal thank you video featuring students speaking about their favorite moments, while thanking continued supporters. The look was based on an existing design done previously by Peter Erikson. Motion graphics done for Row27.

Target Open House (trimmed)

A fun animated screensaver used at the Target Open House event 2016. This is one that I helped our team with. The illustrations were provided to Target Creative. for more info. “Open House is located in America’s tech hub of San Francisco. It is a place to experiment with and purchase products, learn about… Read more »

Hofstra U Men’s Basketball

Broadcast spot for Hofstra U men’s basketball. Motion graphics done for Row27.

U of Kansas, 2011 Holiday Greeting

U of Kansas’s holiday greeting, thanking fans, and continued supporters. Rock chalk Jayhawks! Motion graphics and editing done for Row27.

U of Milwaukee Men’s Basketball 2012

2012 U of Milwaukee men’s basketball intro video. Song, I’m Coming Home. The Panthers returned home to play on campus, so their intro that year was unique to their new circumstance. Go Panthers! Motion graphics and editing done for Row27.